Friday, May 6, 2011

Only In Texas

I work in a steakhouse in Uptown Dallas. It's a really urban area - fancy restaurants, lofts, and clubs fill pretty much every inch. There's not much grass in sight, only beautifully manicured landscaping in front of outrageously expensive hotels. And yet, driving home from work tonight, I see this.

Can you see him? A lone cowboy riding his horse (literally) into the sunset.

Who rides a horse in the middle of a city? During rush hour traffic none the less? I thought horses were supposed to be ridden in the fresh air, not in exhaust fumes. Not to mention this seems pretty gross. He's on the sidewalk and I'm pretty sure horses aren't potty-trained... But I digress.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. It's definitely a little out of place, but for a non-Texan like myself, it's kinda romantic.

    I guess it's not "Howdy, Partner" but "How come, Partner?"

    I hope you received the GAP card, and were able to get your "shop" on. Thanks for taking part in my hop, Cathey with an E.

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. Looks like you have a fun blog started! You should enter my Scentsy Buddy and fragrance giveaway...don't forget to let your friends know. And if you want to do a giveaway I can set you up as well! It has helped me get more followers for my blog.

    Doodles and Doilies

  3. thanks so much for stopping by! I am following you back! :)

    Christy @ Home of OHM

  4. Of course, since I'm in Philly, I think it's kinda cool!!

    New follower from the Sundae Hop!
    Kristin :)
    Keenly Kristin

  5. HAHAH As a former Texan...this cracks me up and just helps push that crazy belief that all Texans ride a horse even further!!!


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