Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the Hex?

I'm not a crafty person... but occasionally I pretend to be.

When I saw this post ages ago on the ModCloth blog via Honestly... WTF, I thought I had finally found a DIY project that I could actually do!

I can braid, and that's pretty much the only skill needed for this. With some twine from my kitchen and a cheap bag of silver hex nuts from Home Depot, I was ready to go!

No, this isn't mine. Like I said, not crafty!

This one's mine.

It was actually easier than I thought. With one minor detail. I have no idea how to put it on. Tying a knot on the back of my wrist works, but is completely bulky and stupid looking. While trying to get a picture I was literally holding the loose ends in my fist, which isn't really practical for everyday wear. Why do instructions always stop too early for me? Would it have killed those talented crafty folks to include the one extra step of how to put this on? Any advice out there? Heeeelp...

But I still love it. Sure, from close-up it's obviously made out of hex nuts, but from a normal point of view, it's really cool looking and doesn't scream "I'm from Home Depot!" And I think it looks perfect for the summer.

And now, I feel braver. Maybe next time I'll take on something more complicated than braiding.

Ok, maybe not!

Top two images from Honestly... WTF


  1. Oooh I love it! It looks really good. I would just have someone else tie it on for you and save yourself the hassle :)

  2. Very cool! Maybe try a slipknot on the back. Would be flatter than a regular knot & adjustable.

  3. How do you actually make this?

  4. It Looks great... in the picture atleast :) I have no Idea how you would finish putting it on???? I must say... The only Crafts I end up doing are the ones that have a How to For Dummies and pics included for EVERY step. Otherwise it is a DISASTER.

  5. If it did scream "I'm from Home Depot!" I'm certain my husband would leave me for you.

  6. If you make another, you could start with a loop, and then put one extra nut on the end to just put through the loop. That will hold it on as long as it isn't too large around your wrist! You'll have the extra nut sitting there looking like a nut though...

  7. That's really cool looking! And you're right - it is perfect for summer. How did I miss that post on the ModCloth blog?? I practically stalk the ModCloth employees!

    Good luck with your crafts!

  8. to solve your tying problem, instead of cutting three short strings cut one short (the regular length, and one twice the length of that. fold the long one in half and tie all 3 in a knot so there is a small loop. then when you are done withe the bracelet tie on a small bead or even a hex nut that is just bigger than the loop so you can slide in in the loop fastening it. its easy and i use this trick for all my braceletes. it looks cute and you can put it on with one hand.

  9. you can get an inexpensive clasp from a craft/jewelry supply store and attach it to the ends! Love this bracelet!


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