Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I've blogged before about the meaning behind my blog name. And as much as I love the meaning that my strangely spelled name has, I still have a little difficulty with it. I'll sometimes glance at the personalized mugs and keychains at stores, knowing that my name won't be on one. It never has, and it never will.

But I don't care anymore. Because I found this!

That's right.

Cathey with an E's Gift House. What are the odds of a plate at a little thrift store having my strange spelling on it?

I'm embarrassed to say how excited finding this plate made me. I might have shoved people aside to grab it. (Even though no one else wanted it...) That little old lady shouldn't have gotten in my way.*

I finally have something personalized! Now I can die happy. Apparently it takes very little to make me happy.

*Just kidding - no little old ladies were harmed in the buying of this plate.

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