Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thrifting Haul - Cheating

No, I'm not cheating on my thrifting diet. It's going quite well. So well in fact, that I'm cheating on this post.

I only bought two things this week. Well, technically three, but since one item is a set of two pictures, it doesn't really count.

Two items isn't much of a thrifting haul though. So I'm cheating and showing you a few thrifty finds from weeks gone by. A thrifting find is still a thrifting find, right?

This was my favorite find this week. Sure, it didn't have much competition, but they're still great. These two illustrations of Ma Crabb were done in the 1960s by Louise McLean. I had a hard time finding out anything about them, but finally managed to find the obituary of the woman who created Ma Crabb. I couldn't find any other pictures anywhere online though. But I love them! The illustrations are so wonderful and retro.

This was my only other find of the week. And I actually can't even take credit. My son picked it up at the thrift store. It's a sweet little painting, and he was so excited to have actually found something for me to sell!

Now, on to the older finds. I found this record at Goodwill and snatched it up because of the cute illustrations. It's a cute record meant to introduce children to organ music. It has a sweet little book attached and the record still plays really well. Plus, I'm an organist at church, so anything organ-related appeals to me. Hopefully someone else will love it too!

I found this strange thing at the same Goodwill. I wasn't sure what it was, but it has 31 numbered slots and a storage drawer underneath. I looked it up online, and found out it's a bill sorter, but it would also be great for sorting mail, birthday cards, and more. I don't think it's old, but it has a vintage look to it.

My mom found these two small prints. She loved the Mid-Century feel to them and I agreed. They're going in the booth tomorrow!

This is another find that's probably not old, but looks it. It's a sweet small drawer unit, and I love the apples painted on the front. I brought it to my booth the first day I opened, and promptly broke a knob off. I've finally fixed it, and it's going back in tomorrow.

A couple of months ago, my mom calls saying, "There's a Mid-Century chair at the thrift store and it's only $5 - should I get it?" When the words "Mid-Century" and "$5" come in the same sentence, my answer is always yes! It's a Farstrup made in Denmark and I think it's amazing. The wood is in wonderful shape, but the seat has a tear in the fabric. I have yet to find a fabric I like enough to recover it. It took me 6 months to pick a fabric for the gossip bench I redid, so hopefully this chair won't take me as long! Despite the rip, I'm still using it as my desk chair. 

Did you find any treasures this week? Be sure to share your great thrifting finds either in the comment section or the links below!


  1. A thrifting diet? I might have to learn more details about it! Love the illustrations and the chair!

    1. Thank you! I'm discovering a thrifting diet might be harder than a real diet! But at least I'm getting better about not buying everything I see!

  2. That is a great chair! Love it! I'm glad to hear you take your time with choosing fabric, it's a big project and you want to get it right the first time!

    1. Good to know It's a good idea to take my time with the fabric! I don't want to choose quickly, then have to change it later! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That chair is an awesome score! Nice job to your Mom! I'm excited to see what you pick to recover it.


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