Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thrifting Haul - A New Member of the Family

This will be the first of two thrifting hauls this week! Too many pictures to squeeze it all into one.

The first installment is a little sparse, but I'll make up for it tomorrow!

My mom found this awesome set of Mid Century China this week. It was an odd set of 5 cups, 7 saucers, 4 plates, and a creamer, but who cares? It's amazing! I absolutely adore the shape of the creamer! This isn't a set to resell; we're keeping it to enjoy afternoon cups of coffee.

And now, for the newest member of my brass bird family. I found this goose (duck? swan?) at a huge thrift store that's been pretty lacking lately. I originally got him intending to put him in my booth, but I kind of fell in love with him. He's too cute to get rid of! So he's officially a part of the family now.

Speaking of the family, it's time we were all introduced. The hornbill on the right started my love affair with brass birds. I found him at a new thrift store over a year ago. He was $5, which was a little high. He was in pretty dreadful shape, so I passed on him. Then a couple of days later, I couldn't stop thinking of him, and completely regretted not buying him. So back I went. He was still there, (yay!) but he didn't have a price tag on him (boo!), and it was at one of those thrift stores that refuses to sell anything without a price. So I sadly handed him over, thinking I wasn't meant to have him.

Fast forward a week or two, and I returned. There he was, sitting on a shelf with a $.99 sticker on him. I snatched him up and named him Nigel. It was meant to be.

The owl is from an estate sale. Another one I intended to resell, but couldn't part with. He doesn't have a name. Nor does the duck/goose/swan. I'm open to suggestions.

I was recently approached by an ecommerce site who wants to feature my bowls. It's a little tricky though, since I rely on thrifted finds, and don't have many multiples of bowls. So now, when I find a set of the same shape, it makes me super happy! Nothing is set in stone with the site yet, but when it is, I'll be sure to share. Anyways, are these for ears of corn? They sure look it, but I can't imagine putting buttery corn-on-the-cob in a wooden tray.

My mom found this set of monkey pod dishes a couple of months ago, and I found another larger set as well. I can't for the life of me decide on what color to paint these. I'm open to suggestions here as well! The same color scheme? Reds on the heart and diamond, blacks on the spade and club? Four different colors? Seriously, my brain can't make a decision. Someone help me out here.

I'll be back tomorrow with yet another thrifting haul. I explored a new thrift store and it was super successful! 


  1. Lucy the goosie :) Howard the owl :)

    You asked...;)

    1. I love Howard! But I had a beagle named Lucy, so I can't use that name. Plus he's a boy - I'm sure he'd be insulted to be called Lucy! :)
      The owl is officially Howard, so thank you!

  2. Love your brass collection! I just have a few pieces too, haven't thought to name them!
    I think it is a swan--how about Walter?

    1. My son started it - he named the first one Nigel after the car in Cars 2 :)

      I love Walter. They are now officially Nigel, Howard, and Walter!

  3. The china set is so pretty. I love the pops of yellow and the shape of the creamer is fabulous

    1. My mom did a great job finding it. The creamer is my favorite piece!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My favorite are the dishes. I love the yellow inside the cup!

    1. I love the dishes as well - the yellow makes them so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!


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