Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrifting Haul - Retro Goodies

It was a good thrifting week. Not superb, but good.

I found a few fun things, though. And a couple of really great deals, which is always fun!

I first saw this tin recipe box at a little thrift store about a month ago. I thought it was cute, but they wanted too much for it. I went back today, and everything in the store was half off, so I snatched it up. Even though the paint is a little damaged, I think it's cute. And the best part - the hand-written recipes were still inside!

I've always loved the mushroom canisters I see floating around on everyone else's blogs. And now I finally found one! Sadly, only the one though. There was a creamer and another smaller canister, both missing their lids. I searched high and low multiple times before finally giving up.

But I didn't give up until after I found the matching napkin holder! So cute!

These sweet charming pieces of art were such a steal, I had to bring them home. The tiny centers have hand-painted pictures of flowers and birds, and I kind of love them.

For someone who doesn't like Hummel, I keep finding a lot of it! I found this Christmas plate from 1975 still taped up in its box at Goodwill. Completely new and in perfect condition. I know someone will snatch it up closer to the holidays.

These fish were probably my favorite find. Sorry for the picture on a bedspread, but the big guy was too long for my light box! They are super heavy and awesome. I regret showing them to my mom though. "You're not going to sell them, are you?" Apparently they're Mid Century enough for her to want them!

I constantly see (and pass up) Corelle dishes like these. A teacup here, a saucer there. They're everywhere. But when I found a couple of sets in their original boxes, I couldn't let those go. They had been opened, but they don't look like they were ever used. And once I get the layer of dust off of them, they'll be as good as new. Something about old things still in their cute retro boxes makes it hard for me to resist!

It's been a slow week at the antique mall. Although I did make a big sale yesterday of a few Fenton birds and a compote dish (yay!). Sadly, I was selling those for my mom, so no profit for me (boo!). But at least it means people are looking at my booth, so I'm still hopeful sales will pick up soon.

Any fun finds lately? Be sure to share!


  1. My mom had the mushroom canisters and my sister in law had the gold Corelle. I'm still sick of Gold! Ha-ha! :) I guess that's why I prefer what my grandmothers or great grands would have had but I guess I should still buy the gold for my future booth...

    All I found at the GW this week was a tea cup. :(

    Happy sales to you! ♥

    1. I have weeks when my finds are the same way - one little thing and that's it. I don't like those weeks! I feel the same way about the gold. It seems to be everywhere, but I know (hope!) there are still people who will want to buy it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Holly!

  2. The recipes box is so cute, I can't believe the recipes are still in there! Are they any good?

    1. I couldn't either, Stephanie! Some look like they'll be delicious, but others look like total misses. Mainly the ones that use a can of cheez whiz! I'll probably be trying out the pralines or fresh apple cake soon though!

  3. Nice finds, I hope your booth picks up soon!

    1. Thanks, Anny! Me too! I've gone days now without selling anything. Ugh


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