Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Children's Art Gallery Wall

While visiting my dad a few months ago, I spotted a box of old frames in the garage he was planning on donating. I gasped in horror at the thought of losing the frames and immediately tossed the box into my trunk. I had no plans for them yet, but I knew they would eventually come in handy.

And now, they finally have!

I started teaching Sunday School this September and decided to redo the room my class was in. I hung up lots of cute thrifted artwork, but wanted a way to let the kids display their work without relying on the old bulletin board.

Cue the frames.

I chose six 12" by 16" frames, removed the backings and glass from each one, and spray painted them a glossy white.

After hanging the frames on the wall, I needed to figure out a way to hang the art inside so that they could easily be replaced whenever the kids drew something new.

I decided to use everyday wooden clothespins. I cut Command Strips (find them here) in half lengthwise so they would be skinny enough to disappear behind the clothespins, and stuck the clothespins to the wall inside each frame. 

Now the artwork hangs beautifully inside, and it is super easy to remove an old piece and put a new masterpiece in its place. The kids in my class love that they can switch out the picture inside their frame anytime by themselves. (And yes, I have an extremely small class!)

One of my sweet girl's self-portraits

This gallery wall would be wonderful in any child's bedroom or playroom (or schoolroom if you're a fellow homeschooler!). 

With nothing more than some thrifted frames (or a handful of super inexpensive frames from Ikea!), a can of spray paint in any color, and some clothespins, you can have a great way to display your child's every growing collection of art.

Have fun creating!

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