Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday's Seven - Fun Halloween Treats and Snacks

Halloween is getting closer! My son is all ready with his chaps, spurs, and cowboy hat. He's even got a stick horse (or 3) to take with him! Darn those good thrift store deals. He's got a whole corral now, but I just can't resist a 99 cent hobby horse! Anyway...

So to get in the Halloween mood, I've found seven fun Halloween recipes. Nothing too gory or gross (except maybe the eyeball... But I made a version a couple of years ago, and it was both amazing looking and tasting, so I had to share!). The rest of them are sweet, cute, and perfect for all ages.

Have fun visiting the featured sites and enjoy getting into the spirit of Halloween!

1. Spider Cakes  |  Not Martha
2. Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse  |  Glorious Treats
3. Creepy Eyeball Panna Cotta  |  Kitchen Table Scraps
4. Meringue Bones  |  Martha Stewart
5. Mummy Dogs  |  Chaos in the Kitchen
6. Spiderweb Cupcake  |  Ambrosia Baking
7. Curried Devil's Deviled Eggs  |  Hi Cookery


  1. Aw, I miss making stuff like this! Gotta make some raw vegan treats with my nieces. The local vegan bakery also has some amazing fall themed bits to chomp on!

  2. Treats are so fun to make - especially when they're weird looking! :) I'm always amazed at how wonderful vegan treats can be. I definitely need to start experimenting more in the kitchen!


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