Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thrifting Haul - Amazing Estate Sale

I had a pretty crummy week at thrift stores. One great find, but that was it. One great estate sale more than made up for it though!

First up is the thrift store find. And what a find! These two awesome pieces of Mid Century wall art were leaning against a bin at a Salvation Army. I grabbed them as soon as I saw them. I love the wooden people and the green fabric background is great too.

Now, on to the estate sale finds!

First find was this melamine fish tray. I love the design on him, and haven't been able to find out any information on him. Apparently the former owner was from Turkey, and the words on the back are not in English, so it might be from there. Either way, I think it's cute!

This wall clock was a great bargain, but when I got it home and plugged it in (yes, plugged it in), it didn't work. At least clock repair kits aren't too expensive. It will be in working order in no time, and it's such a cute vintage clock!

I found a set of ten of these wooden fish pieces. I'm guessing they're supposed to be coasters, but the indentation is pretty small, so they must be for tiny glasses! I think they'd make a cute art installation swimming along a wall.

Before my last thrifting haul, I had never even seen a travel clock. Now, I can't seem to stop finding them. I love their retro look though. Both are black, but one has silver accents, and the other gold.

I have no idea what this is. It's on particle board I think, but I just thought the bird design was too good to pass up. It has a small hole in the middle, so it might make a cute clock!

These plates were labelled as a set of four. After searching everywhere, the fourth plate never showed up. The people working the sale said it might have been mislabeled, and that there probably never was a fourth plate. But thanks to mislabeling, I got them for a lot cheaper than the asking price! They're Couroc, and they're wonderful. I love all the birds, especially the middle one! I really want to keep these since they match my Couroc owl plate, but I guess I'll let them go!

Most of these will end up in my new Etsy shop - Tess and Ivy Vintage. If you see anything you can't live without (from here or any past thrifting hauls), be sure to send me an email for a special readers-only price!

Be sure to share your great finds!


  1. Those wooden fish "coasters" are awesome! I always see travel clocks too.

  2. Fish!!! You know I adore my fish, you really scored all around but especially love the fish, clocks, and awesomely mod wall hangings.

  3. I'm building an unintentional collection of fish! And I'm not letting go of those wall hangings now. My mom requested them for Christmas :)


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