Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thrifting Haul - Old Finds

I had a grand total of one find this week.

Although I wasn't really trying hard.

I'll stop at stores if I'm nearby, but I'm becoming picky. I'm focused more on listing past finds than buying new ones.

So this week will be mostly items I found awhile ago but never shared.

This was my one weekly find. I'm trying to scout out cute vintage Christmas items, but apparently, so is everyone else. I love glasses like these though. I have a few at home in a different shape that I love for serving eggnog. Find them on Etsy.

These cute Mid Century wooden animals made of napkin rings were my first (and only!) sale in my new vintage shop. And they sold on my birthday, so that was pretty cool. They're really adorable!

I loved the old-fashioned shape of these smoke-colored Libbey (Libby?) champagne glasses. They'd be the perfect addition to someone's retro bar. See them here.

This set of three Lincoware serving dishes were one of my very first finds months ago. I absolutely loved them and they're in amazing shape. I always see these dishes in different patterns, but they're always scratched, chipped, or dented, so I'm really happy I found a set in such great condition. See them closer here.

I found this little stoneware bud vase at the estate sale I mentioned last week. It has such sweet colors and would be adorable on any shelf or table. It's a great gift idea, too. Find it on Etsy.

The last find is this Homer Laughlin Golden Harvest dinner plate. I loved the Mid Century design and the mustard yellow color of it. I think it would make an awesome serving dish on a Thanksgiving table. See it here.

Hope you all had some great finds this week!

Be sure to share!

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  1. Great finds, Cathey! I can see why the napkin rings sold - I love animals so anything related I automatically like, too. What's eggnog? Cheers, Alexander.

  2. Alexander! You've never had eggnog? That's terrible! Eggnog is only the most delicious, creamy, decadent Christmas drink ever full of eggs, cream, sugar, and usually rum. If you can't buy it, there are a lot of recipes online to make your own. You have to try it - it's the best treat!

  3. Sounds sweet...literally! lol Thanks for the explanation. :)


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