Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thrifting Haul - A Whale of a Time

I think I have a new favorite find every week. Apparently I'm very fickle when it comes to thrifted treasures. This week is no exception! And here they are...

I spotted a dirty zipper bag stuffed towards the very back of a shelf at a small store this week. When I pulled it out, a group of whales was staring back at me. This little guys are adorable wooden Mid Century napkin holders. I love their little faces and they have the best shape. I probably wouldn't use them as napkin rings - I would love to just tuck them all over the house in random places. They're so cute! See them closer here.

This set of silver leaf glasses were too pretty to pass up. It was a set of eight until I unfortunately broke one yesterday while cleaning them. Those suckers are slippery when wet. Seven is still a good number of glasses though. I love their frosted finish and the leaves are perfect for both fall and winter. Check them out here.

I found these two stacking mugs this week and picked them up, expecting them to be heavy. They're surprising light though. It throws me every time I pick them up after handling all the heavy stoneware. They have the most wonderfully retro pattern and colors and a really pretty crackly glaze. They're already on Etsy.

I thought these yellow glasses were really pretty. They're made by Anchor Hocking and are so cheerful looking. Perfect to serve your juice in the morning. Find the squatty ones here and the skinny ones here.

Same yellow color, but different pattern on these two. Of course I was drawn to dots! I'm able to ignore clear glass, but when it's colored, I have a problem resisting it. Maybe I should work on that! See them here.

I got excited when I found this little baking dish/ramekin, thinking it was Pyrex for a steal. The bottom says Pyr-o-rey, which I thought might be some offshoot of the Pyrex brand. Apparently it was a company that appeared in the 50s or so attempting to compete with Pyrex. It's still adorable though, and would be perfect to serve nuts or candy. Check it out here.

I have one more amazing find that I'm not showing you yet! I don't mean to be a tease, but my computer is refusing to import the pictures I took of it, and I refuse to post the crummy pictures I took with my phone. I'll just say leather, Mid Century, and rolling, and leave it at that. You'll have to come back next week!

Be sure to share your great finds!


  1. Love those whales! My favourite mammals,

  2. They're great! I love them too. I'll be sad when they sell!


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