Monday, December 2, 2013

Etsy Shop of the Week - Gift Ideas

Ready for more gift ideas?

I'm really happy to suggest some more beautiful handmade items today. The days of running into a crowded department store to pick up gifts are over. It's so easy now to stay at home and shop on Etsy. Plus, you get to find some really unique and truly one-of-a-kind gifts - something perfect for everyone on your list. And as an added bonus, you know you're supporting the individual who lovingly and carefully made your product, not a giant corporation.

On to the gift ideas!

For the nature lover, bring a little bit of the outdoors in with this gorgeous tree sculpture made from wire and gemstones. Marilyn at Marilyn's Trees has so many beautiful colors to choose from - her work amazes me!

I love these earrings from Gilgulim. They're so unique and fun, and I love the combination of the copper and the turquoise.

Here's another pair of earrings, slightly more traditional, but equally as beautiful! One of my favorite color combinations in turquoise and orange, so these earrings from The Astral Charm are perfect. Plus they're a great deal! A perfect stocking stuffer!

For the babies and toddlers on your list, be sure to check out the adorable wooden puzzles at Aksel Arts. I'm partial to the octopus!

Also from Aksel Arts is this adorable fox. He's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!

For the little boy (or the boy at heart) on your list, be sure to check out Kimmeen Shop. There are some awesome handmade models of planes, helicopters, cars, tanks, and more. They're really cool-looking, and they're made without nails or screws! 

Have fun shopping!


  1. I like the Octopus - worrying then that it's aimed and babies and toddlers! LOL

  2. Great gift suggestions!! You featured some of my favorite shops!

  3. Great handmade gift ideas and also it smells from cinnamon in here yummy!


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