Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday's Seven - Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas

It's the New Year!

That means it's time to clean and organize your home for a fresh start to 2014. This month's Saturday's Sevens will feature organization and storage ideas to help you get your home into shape.

I'm desperately needing these tips. I'm in the middle of a cleaning and organizing spree right now. My room is currently filled with piles of clothes to donate and boxes of vintage to organize and sell. It's looking horrible right now, but I know it will be better in the end!

Moving on... today's tips focus on bathroom storage. From convenient places to store your hair dryers, curlers, and irons, to clean and organized makeup storage, to towels, hair products, and more. Such great ideas; I can't wait to implement them in my bathroom! No more makeup thrown into a drawer and hair dryers cooling on the floor for me!

Be sure to check out the sites for the DIYs!

1. Cabinet Door Storage  |  Remodelholic
2. Crown Molding Shelves  |  Kevin and Amanda
3. Wall Mounted Baskets for Towels  |  I'm Busy Procrastinating
4. DIY Mason Jar Storage  |  The DIY Playbook
5. Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder  |  Superwoman
6. Cabinet Mounted Hair Tool Holder  |  Dream Green DIY
7. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board  |  Laura Thoughts

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