Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday's Seven - DIY Closet Organization and Storage

Part 2 of the organizing Saturday's Seven! (Missed part 1? Check it out here!)

Today I focused on finding ideas to whip our closets into shape. I desperately need some help in this area. And not only because my closet is currently my vintage storage area containing a big dresser, 2 bookcases, and an old rocking chair! I have the hardest time keeping things like shoes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories neat, organized, and easy to find.

Hopefully these DIY ideas will help us all out! There are some easy tricks as simple as putting nails into the wall or repurposing toilet paper holders. Then, if you're more adventurous, take on the projects of rustic wall bins, or my personal favorite - the corner lazy susan! That piece was intended to be used in a garage, but I think it would be awesome tucked into the corner of a closet. Such a great place to store scarves, belts, extra jewelry, flats, and more! (Now, can someone handy build me one? Please? I'll make you cookies!)

Be sure to check out the sites for the DIYs!

1. Tension or Closet Rod Purse Storage  |  BHG
2. Easy-To-Find Shoe Storage  |  MSN Living
3. Rustic Wall Storage Bins  |  Remodelholic
4. Bracelet Holders  |  Overthrow Martha
5. Beautiful Necklace Display  |  A Mere Life
6. DIY Corner Lazy Susan  |  Family Handyman
7. In-Closet Laundry Hamper Holders  |  Around the Farmhouse Table

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  1. Right in time for my closet purge post, great minds think alike ;) I only have two purses and wear no jewelry now and it's simplified/dimished the need for wardrobe storage. My merchandise and art supplies, on the other hand... haha. Will check out these links for ideas.

  2. Love your blog Cathy and your creations!! This blog post is great I love all the ideas. I have a large collection of jewelry and I have struggled over the years with how to keep it under control. I have found a great way to store my necklaces by hanging them on a wall tree they look great. But my bracelets have been difficult I have used many things that have not worked currently I am using old wine bottles, but the towel rack idea is a way better way to display them. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!!!


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