Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thrifting Haul - Old Finds and Repeats

I was so excited to get back into thrifting that I hit up about 7-8 thrift stores this week.

I found 2 mugs and a few pieces of monkey pod to paint.

That's it.

So, not a successful thrifting week to say the least.

To avoid a super boring post, I'm sharing past finds. Things I never got around to photographing or listing. At least I hope these are things I never got around to sharing before. If there are any repeats of prior thrifting hauls, sorry! It's hard to keep track of all things thrifted!

I know owls are getting old and overdone, but I still have a hard time resisting. I found this cute little owl trivet and had to get him. Not only would he be perfect in the kitchen, I think he'd be a great addition to a gallery wall. See him here.

And of course his larger friend couldn't stay behind. Check the big guy out here.

These trivets are from an estate sale that I got lost trying to find. They only had one sign at the entrance to the neighborhood; it was like they didn't want to be found. But I drove around forever until I finally found it! They were about to close, but still had some awesome pieces. I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the real gems yet - got to save something for next week! But I did love these old cork and wood trivets. You can find this one here.

And the second one here. I also found a Partridge Family record there. Don't judge me.

I know teacups and mugs aren't the easiest sales, but I still have a hard time resisting. I loved the cute pattern on this set. Hopefully there's a teacup collector out there somewhere who loves it too! See it here.

(I have the absolute hardest time taking pictures of clear or smoky glass, as well as white items. Can't seem to get them bright enough ever. It drives me crazy!)

I absolutely loves dandelions. I can't pass a dandelion without blowing the seeds everywhere. I'm sure the neighbors really appreciate the booming dandelion population. So I couldn't pass up this set of dandelion glasses! Check them out on Etsy.

I've had this round piece for months, but for some reason, I appear to be the only one who likes it. I'm not really sure why. I love different shaped frames, and think the circle frame would be perfect to break up all the squares and rectangles people seem to have. See this piece here.

For some reason, I don't like frogs in real life, but I seem to be drawn to them while thrifting. And a frog playing a piano? Like I wouldn't buy that! See him here.

I'm building a collection of Syroco plaques in my closet. Viking ships, clipper ships, colonial figures, and now this one. It's so bright and cheery and would be the perfect things in any kitchen. You can find it here.

Hope you all had luck thrifting this week! Be sure to share your finds!


  1. We have the same weakness for kitchen bits. Love all your finds!

  2. Thanks Van! Glad to know I'm not the only one with that weakness!


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